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Need Partner for LED Project Answered

Hello -

I have a burning desire to make a shoji panel that contains leds and will run an automated program called the Knights Journey.

I will create the wood box, shoji screen, and would like to find someone who is able to create the instructions for building the tech logic.

This will be a joint project. I can also provide funding if needed for the right person.

A little about me: I am a Linux engineer, own a home laser cutter and love beautiful sights. I work full time as a contractor for PayPal, previously Charles Schwabb, University of Phoenix, Godaddy, and other companies. I would love to learn to make the led part myself, but quite honestly I just don't have the time, or mental resources to focus on learning it from scratch.



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10 years ago

Hey Zach, If you're still looking for someone to work with on the electronics portion of your project, I'm interested. I'm a Electrical Engineering student at Penn State, currently on summer break. I've been looking to do a LED matrix project for a while and this seems like a good project to get in on. If you're interested or have any questions you can contact me by PM. - Steven