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Need a 19.5VDC battery pack for my micro projector Answered

I'm looking to build or buy a battery pack to power my LG HW301G projector.

The specs say:

19.5 VDC
4.9 A (on the projector label)
100W (per the manual specs)

I'd like to carry it around for guerrilla projection projects. Battery pack(s) should fit on a utility belt or in a backpack.

I was thinking about a pack of 13 AA batteries in typical battery holders, paralleling 4 together to maybe get an hour of projection time, but I'm worried the normal wiring that comes with those holders might not handle the current.

Anyone have any ideas?




4 years ago

19.5vdc is the same as most laptop battery packs. BUT at 100 watt draw you won't stay up for more than a few minutes. 3 six volt sla's in series would give you a nominal 19+ volts and be able to tolerate the 4 amp draw and be rechargeable.


Pack of 4 for less than $30. About 1 hour run time at 4 amps.


4 years ago

whats your budget? Your best bet in Lithium ion batteries, but they would be very expensive. as of the AA battery idea It would certainly not work as along with volts you need current too which they cannot provide.


4 years ago

For these kinds of power levels you are lost with tiny batteries.

Does not matter how you use them - you need 5A and no small battery will supply that much.

Or if a D-cell does it won't do it for long until the voltage breaks down.

IMHO it is either a massive deep cycle battery with an even bigger step up converter or getting a projector that can run on batteries.