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Need a Modification To Tally Counter For Assistance During Surgery Answered

I am a surgeon and looking to make a device to assist me with my surgeries. I am looking for a device that can do the following:

Have a lead that attaches to a needle and anytime the needle touches the patient, it counts.

I have seen a Robic M367 Tally Counter modified to perform a similar function but I cannot figure out how. I am thinking it needs some kind of lead attached to the patient with lets say 5V DC current and then when the other lead touches the patient it creates a circuit and sends a signal to the tally counter.

If someone can reach out to me regarding this it would be great popeofracing@gmail.com



4 days ago

Little digital counters exist ready to go.
However they often use a push button or similar, which won't help you directly.
Combining it with something as simple might work.
There are circuits available for things like checking the water level in your bath tub to sound an alarm when full.
Quite sensitive...
Instead sounding a buzzer you use a tansistor to switch the counter one step further.


5 days ago

The counting of sponges, needles, sharps, instruments and any other item that could become lost in a patient are crucial to count. Items are counted before and after use. The types and numbers of sponges, needles and other sharps, and instruments vary for each surgical procedure.


Reply 5 days ago

What In the world does this have to do with what the original poster asked for?