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Need a suitable Class D amplifer for transformer application Answered


Hope this post find you well.

My intention is to make an 3-phase power calibrator !

Similar to this link, https://us.flukecal.com/products/ele...wer-calibrator
My current AMP design might be class AB type.

I am not worried to much about PWM generation ruther I am thinking how can I move class AB to Class D amplification.

A lot of the design effort relates to maintaining linearity and avoiding crossover distortion.

In this case, 2 amplifiers( current, voltage) output will feed to CT and PT!

Lets consider transformer load .


1. The amp input should be plus and minus 7volt AC, 45-65Hz( 1 Hz has been converted to 1024)

2. Amp operating voltage should be more or less 24v.

3. 2 channel signal (not sure PWM) should be use , one for current, one for voltage.

4.Can run current transformer(input 16.5 V/1.5 A) and potential Transformer (input15v/2A). PT output may be 15VAC.

5. If possible both voltage and current amplification is required in one IC.

6. Both positive and negative half signal should be amplify


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