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Need a very simple wireless two-way audio communication device. Answered

hello, i need  a simple wireless two-way audio device for communication within the house.
i like to have a small device like a tiny headset, that is simple and has good range.
i wish to make this really cheap, under 200 INR.
mainly for audio communication (full duplex communication).

here, where i live, i don't have access to any good technology. i mean, i cant even get simple "variable capacitor".
so i have to purchase anything online, but the shipping rates itself to my place are too high for my budget.

i have seen circuits like "fm transmitter" but i need a "fm reciever" to pickup that signal. but fm recievers are hard to build.
i even made a fm transmitter( a very simple one), but it often switched the frequence, so i couldn't have a fixed frequency. 
so i look for a circuit that is easy to tune and can be fixed frequency.
i came across this module "433Mhz RF Transmitter Module + Receiver Module Link Kit for Arduino"
but i done know anything about  arduino. 
if i can use this module to make a two-way voice communication, please guide me how to.
if not, please give me other ideas.


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6 years ago

thanks people, for quick response.

but, i am looking for a product or a DIY project with;

1. cost below 200INR (around 4 USD).

2. need not have large range, a range of 100 meters is sufficient,

3. could be smaller than the mobile phone itself.

4. need not be tune capable, for wide channels. its sufficient if i can communicate with this pair of devices only. because the walkietalkie are tuned devices.

if possible, can any one tell me what signal is recieved on the reciever of this module?


can i use a mic on the transmitter and use a speaker or amplifier on the reciever outputs directly, to use it as i wished?


6 years ago

Realy Realy hard to build - Buy a relativly cheap walki talki set,.


6 years ago

Sansa clip has an FM receiver and it is very small. Does a lot of other things as well.

It sounds like your looking for a walkie talkie. You can get a set of those pretty cheap.