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Need advise on starting screen printing business Answered

Hi Folks, I am fascinated by Screen printing. I know a little bit of it. But I would like to have advise from the experts here for me to start it as a serious business. What is the prospectus of growth in this business? What could be the initial investment (minimum)? What is the minimum no. of man power required? What is the latest technology adopted? etc etc... Could you please advise me on how to go about it in a beginner level? Thanks.


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13 years ago

If you're serious making it a business, check out the competition - are there any other screen-printing services in your area? How successful are they?

As a small-scale beginner, you may be better off going for a small-scale, high added-value niche market - design your own tees, play on the individually hand-crafted angle, sell them at a premium.