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Need coding to handle multiple relays with multiple touch sensor (TTP223), IR remote and from web for nodemcu ESP12E? Answered

Hey friends!
Can anyone help me in designing a switch board which can be operated with touch sensors (TTP223), IR Remote and also with web application (like android / ios app) or with http:// .
Coding for the same is my basic requirement. Basically i am looking for the coding.
The things which i am having with me :
1) 5v - 8 ch Relay,
2) TTP 223 Touch sensor (6 nos)
3) V1.0 NodeMcu LUA WiFi Networking ESP8266 Development Board and 
4) DS3231 AT24C32 IIC Precision RTC Real Time Clock Memory Module

any comments are welcome!!!


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4 years ago

The usual approach here is that we help to solve a problem, so some working code to with, diagrams and such are required.
You can not expect that anyone does your work for free.
If the task is above your level the best option would be to advertise locally and pay a programmer to do the work.


4 years ago

1. Your going to have to give a lot more information to get any real help

2. You will be better off trying to get small parts working first then put them together.

3. you don't say what your skill level is so no one knows how simple or complicated this needs to be.

4. Supply a circuit diagram of the layout so we can help.