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Need dog stroller for diabetic dog Answered

It must be low to the ground, so he can step off/on to it at his will. Open on one side, sides for putting a bed or bedding. 4 wheels, must be sturdy. Easy to push. I walk a 2nd dog, both miniature Schnauzers. The male can only walk so far and then is too tired. The female still wants to walk, and also, my knees need me to walk, The male does NOT want to stay home alone!! Thank you! PS, my son can weld, we just need design ideas and ideas of what material to make it from. We are thinking of a milk crate for the 'bed.'


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11 years ago

Start your design by look at or thinking about a baby carriage that has a shelf on the bottom. Now take off the baby seat. Then add low sides to hold his bedding in place with an opening for him to enter. Shouldn't be too hard to come up with something workable.