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Need downstairs lights to come on when I approach stairs from upstairs Answered

I’d like to not add another switch upstairs. Currently, my entire downstairs 12 recessed LEDs are on a switch at the bottom of the stairs. I’d like motion to sense when I am at the top of the stairs and “flip” the switch for the downstairs lights. Can I do this easily? I have motion sensors for Laundry room and garage that work great. This one is stumping me. Ideally. They turn off after no motion and I never touch a switch. Is there a remote sensor that will flip a switch in another area with motion through IR or another means? Cool stuff on this board. Thanks in advance!



7 weeks ago

Buy a cheap motion sensor on eBay (<$10)


2 months ago

Assuming all lights are on the same fuse...
You can use a sensor light or just a motion sensor.
Instead of the light you use the output to supply power to the switched wire from downstairs.
Basically putting the sensor output parallel to the existing switch.
Whenever the motion sensor is activated the lights go on.
If you flic the switch the lights stay on until you switch off.
You can also wire the power from the sensor to a light fitting, does the same.


2 months ago

Not sure if this will work for you but I'll tell you what I did in my house.

I have a straight run of stairs down to my basement and they were not well lit. I also have some shelves next to the stairs for canned goods. Many years ago, I surface mounted an electrical ceiling box, the octagonal ones, on the wall above the basement door with porcelain light fixture, the ones that have been around for a hundred years or so, that had a pull string switch. I just ran a 14/2 wire from the basement up to the ceiling box. The wire is also visible but not in the way. This worked but it was sometimes hard to find the string in the dark and I sometimes forgot to turn it off. I bought a motion sensing outdoor security light from Menard's that was very inexpensive. You know, the kind with two sockets, that swivel, for bulbs. That fixture is wired so that it's not switched. Now, when I start to go down the stairs, the lights come on and also when I come up the stairs The amount of time they stay on can be adjusted.