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Need electrical help making small wind generated turbines to power LED lights? Answered

For a grad school project, I want to create a series of small wind powered turbines that will power/glow LED lights.  I know it sounds simple, and conceptually all I need is a propeller to a small hobby motor wired to an LED.  All I am trying to do is create a series of little wind turbines to power little lights...so when it's windy they glow.   
Like this toy, the Windmill Generator:

I have purchased 10 of these motors (link below), but need help selecting LED lights that would hopefully glow brighter when more power was applied (ie more wind energy).

I am hoping the construction is as simple as the concept.  Any expertise would really great! Thanks!


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9 years ago

"1.5 to 3.0 volts and runs at speeds of 4200-5700"

....so to make 1.5 V to drive your LEDs, the motor has to be spun at 4200 RPM......

What your first link uses is a much higher voltage motor, which they can then run at lower speed.