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Need good parental software with remote access Answered

Hi everyone, Recently, I was tensed to see my kid visiting the sites that he shouldn’t have. I do know that there are certain parental control software that can act as good watchdogs, but I need a one that can help me to view the things that my kid is doing at home. Its good to have a look at whats going on….if he is really accessing those sites or they are just by chance….!!!  I just learned about keyloggers and am very interested in getting one, free if possible, but I am willing to pay if necessary. Many friends online recommended that I should buy this Amac Keylogger(keylogger for mac), I found it is not free and it is a little expensive. I have no idea whether it is worthy of the money. Please do tell me if you have a solution to this…its really getting on my nerves!!!


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9 years ago

We put the computer in a room that everyone used. Easy to see what's going on at a glance as you walk past. Or turn off the computer.