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Need guidance to build a lego based wifi controlled camera car Answered

dear ingenious makers,

i forged the plan to make myself a wifi controlled lego car with camera support. the vision is to chase my cats and/or wife when i'm not at home.

So far, I got the lego rc car assembled: https://shop.lego.com/de-CH/Ferngesteuerter-Tracke.... It comes with a battery back (6xAA) and two motors to power the two tank chains individually.

Now I´d like to replace the rc with a wifi module and add a camera. I have found some great inspirations here:

I used to be a professional programmer, but i haven't touched source code in years. However, I think I'll manage with some guidance. With all the options, the tough part is how to even start...

My questions:

  • What platform (Arduino, Pi, Edison) would be the best? (I need to control two motors, stream a video and build a website i can use on a mobile device to view the stream and control the car)
  • What components need to be purchased?

Many thanks in advance,



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