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Need help Answered

Looking for help with my new project. I want to power my mechanical arm using hydraulics.  I would prefer to use a joystick controller. 
I want this arm to be able to hold a hedge cutting machine. The arm will have the same freedom of movement as a human arm.
Eventually I want to use this arm on a machine such as a bobcat or similar device.
For now I just need to be able to power this arm and then I can go from there.
Anyone up for a challenge????
Dave Sender
my E-mail  mrdavesender@gmail.com
Please see the photo of the size of the arm I'm looking to power.


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5 years ago

You ought to edit your email address out of the posting, and ask people to comment or PM you instead.

If you're wanting help with the actual build, you need to add your general location.

In the mean time, have you tried the search funtions?