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Need help Sharing my internet from my laptop to my Xbox 360? Answered

I have Cricket broadband modem that runs off of the usb port on my laptop(Vista),was wanting to know if I could somehow share my Internet from my laptop to my Xbox 360 using an Ethernet cable.Tryed setting up Internet sharing,but still doesn't work.....My xbox says couldn't find Ip address.Id appciate any help.Thanks.



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9 years ago

For great internet to Xbox connection, it seems as though Channel Master’s new product is the way to go. They have two adapters, one for power line and one for Coax (they call it the Mocha). With ethernet, you'd be looking at the power line adapter. Basically, if you have an internet connection anywhere in your house hold, the adapter will be able to provide you with great service. I’ve done a test-run on both, and found the set-up was cake, both are compatible with up to date products like DLNA, DVR, voice streaming etc. If you’re interested, here’s the link to their product sheet from their website: