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Need help about amplifier Answered

I need a help regarding my audio amplifier,

I have a Bluetooth amplifier which has a output of 5w max, it used two ht6872 chip(mono). A day ago left channel started to sound wired like it's ecoing(low volume output also). So i thought it is probably bcs of amplifier chip got broken.

So i ordered another one , This new one came with ns4160 chip which also has same output. And these two chip has 95% same circuit diagram except ns4160 uses 10k resistor in audio input and ht6872 uses 12k. So if i use replace both old chip(ht6872) with new one(ns4160) and use the same 12k resistor instead of 10k, will this effect my sound out put.

Please consider me as a newbie in these things, answers are welcome and also please tell they problem with the sound output I'm facing is because of amplifier chip or something else? ( I checked the bt module sound output, it's totally fine in both channels)

Thanks in advance.


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