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Need help building an ion generator? Answered

I'm not at all techy, but I need an ion generator for a kit that I sell and I dont want to pay the huge cost for the hobby kits. Can anyone help me with a simple way to build one my self, I want it to be 12v battery powered, and small enough to fit in a 4 in pvc pipe 6" long. I want it to blow out on one side with its own ion wind. I need to keep the cost to about 12.00 a unit. Any ideas would be appreciated. I can solder and read schematics, but I've never built a board before. 

If someone could build these for $12, we might be able to work a deal. 



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10 years ago

I can't see you doing it for 12 USD, unless you want to buy 1000 of 'em.


Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

10 years ago

Not sure which "hobby kits" you are referring to. Would it hurt your fingers terribly to cut and paste the links to these kits to which you refer? Or whatever junk you're selling?  Just curious.

Anyway, I suggest looking for a cheap source of those cigarette-lighter-powered ion generators.  You know the one's sold ostensibly to make one's car smell better.  At approximately 4 FUSD per, the link below  points to the cheapest I could find:

I don't know if this particular unit is worth that much.  Read the comments on the same page, and you'll know more than I do.
The same retailer has a number of other car cigarette-lighter-powered ion generators.  The list below is not comprehensive, its just sort of what I noticed first: