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Need help choosing steel... Race Car Project Answered

Hey guys, I'm starting a new race car project and I need some help choosing to correct guage steel for the frame, suspension arms, etc.. 

I was thinking I'd use 11 guage all the way around because its strong and easy to weld

Inputs? Suggestions? Comments?




4 years ago

You could try it the modern way and use simulation software.
This way you can reduce weight at the same time as you increase strength.
It is a basic bx frame design, so you could focus on the areas of most stress.
For example rounde corners on the connecting angles, done by simply metal disks, increase the sheer strenght, so in many cases a thinner material can be used.
Round steel instead of box shape also gives more stability, so again thinner wall thicknesses could be used, especially i the right type of steel is used.
Of course it makes the preparations and welding a bit harder but is well worth it.
Combined with a pipe bender you might even save on a lot of welds.


Reply 4 years ago

Thanks for the insight, this is my first project out of kinetic sculptureville (has an engine); therefore I want to make the construction as simple as possible, making all the joints angles instead of curves.

Still, I understand the advantages of using circular tubing. Any thought on the guage of the steel I'd use?


Reply 4 years ago

Third time lucky...
hopefully this time the posting will appear..

I would use 2mm walls for the sturctural frame parts and 1mm for the rest.