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Need help controlling two servos using arduino, bluetooth, and android. Answered

Hi folks.  I am back.  I haven't been very active on here for the past several months, but I did move to a different continent.  Anyway, I need a little help from of those smart arduino folks out there. 

I am looking for an app and arduino code to control two servos using an android device via Bluetooth.  There are a ton of instructables on controlling motors via Bluetooth, and there are also several tutorials on controlling one servo via Bluetooth, but what I want to know, is how to control two servos. 

I am looking for something like this but able to control two servos.  I did try an app that uses an accelerometer to control two motors, but I want to be able to control them by a slide or nob.  If someone knows of a link that could be the solution to my problem I would be grateful for it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

th3_jungle_inv3ntor  -   actually I left the jungle :(



4 years ago

Check this


5 years ago

The source code for your link is available, depending on which Playstore link you use for around 10-50 bucks.
Maybe it would be worth to modify the code and compile your own version for two servos?
After all it seems the PC version uses simple serial commands like 1,90 to move servo 1 by 90 degrees.
I would assume that the library for the Arduinio either includes multiple servo controls or that you can add them by modifying the existing code for to address an second servo.
There are also several programs out there claiming to makeprogramming simple Android apps a breeze.
Not sure about your programmin skills but with the source code aailable you could make your own app...