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Need help designing an auto mister with a servo Answered

Hi All,

Let's begin with this. I've never built much of anything in my life. I just had this idea I wanted to run by you in order to see how hard it would be to make.

Each night before bed I turn on my fan right next to my head. I love the sound and the feel on the breeze. I want to know how hard it would be to place a water mister in front of the fan in order to feel like I'm out in a light rain.

I found an inexpensive mister on Amazon


and I thought of placing an auto rotating (every 5 to 10 seconds) servo on the button. Let's make believe I'm a plant and I'm trying to water myself.

How hard would this to be?



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2 years ago

You could go to the grocery store and ask what their veggie mister looks like. My Publix is being remodelled, maybe they'll be getting rid of some stuff.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

I am not sure I follow what you mean by, "auto rotating (every 5 to 10 seconds) servo."

Do you mean something like a wheel, or cylinder, which turns at a slow, constant speed, so that the time it takes for the wheel, or cylinder, to complete one revolution is around 5 to 10 seconds?

I am guessing you are thinking of something like a music box,

but maybe much more simple than that.

Like, supposing we imagine a music box, with a cylinder with just one stud on it: A music box like that would plays just one note, per revolution of the cylinder. You know, it would sound kind of like,
"Ping!... (several seconds of silence)... Ping! ...(several seconds of silence)... Ping!...(several seconds of silence)..."

By the way, do you happen to have, in your box of junk parts, a slowly turning motor, or gearmotor, perhaps like the kind that would drive a disco ball, or the glass tray in a microwave oven? I mean I was just thinking that you perhaps had some rotating thing in mind, since you wanted actual physical rotating thing, to be the source of signal for turning your pump on periodically.


2 years ago

1. You might not be aware that ready to go misting fans are available in a lot of places.
2. You might not be aware that these misters can also create too much moisture - this can cause your bed to go wet for example.

These ultrasonic foggers are a nice gadget to make "smoke" effects or to help with far too dry air in a room.
But just adding them to a fan is not the easiest of tasks.
As there is no volume control so to say, you need to make sure the airflow is suffient to really drive the mist away.
Otherwise the fine water droplet accumulate in areas and make it all wet.
Placement is the key.
Next is keeping enough water in the container to prevent failure of the mister.
Most only work properly with a set water level that can not change by more than 1 or 2 cm.
Unless a massive bowl is used it will be hard to keep it working for a full night.

You can cheat though ;)
This idea is from my fish tanks, where I needed to get creative...
Take two containers, one preferably a small bottle.
Inside the bottle would be your mister.
The bottle and container are connected with a piece of pipe or hose so their water level stays the same - many options available for this.
Use two hoses to connect the mist to your fan.
One goes out from the side of the bottle - above water level.
The other right from screw top.
Place the hose from the screw top in the back of the fan, close to the center of the blades.
Place the hose from the side to the front of the fan, so the air can blow into the opening.
Like this only a small amount of mist accumulates while all is driven out right away.
Keeps the forming of big droplets to a minimum and with the added reservoir you should be able to get runtimes of around 10 hours.
Another option would be to place a small computer fan over the bottle so it blows the mist right up into the airstream of your fan.

I hope you got some more ideas to complete your project now ;)