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Need help find schematics for a Eberline E-120 Giegercounter Answered

Hello All, I have a Eberline model E-120 Gieger Counter that did work but now stop. It lost it's B- to the meter. When I turn to Batttery test or any function nothing happen. if I give it a b- to the meter the meter pegs out. There must be a resistor in the circurt. Any helpfinding a ptint would be helpful. Thanks.

Joe D


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Reply 1 year ago

I did google it but came up empty Thanks


Reply 1 year ago

Looks like i was lucky...
Alter the searchterms if you dont suceed. ;)

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Reply 1 year ago

You make it seem like it was easy.

The query "eberline e-120 manual" will find that link to dokumen.tips.

But using a similar query, like, "manual for eberline e-120" the Goog will not find it, or at least not in first page, or the second, or the third...

At this point I am thinking that queries closest to,

"eberline e-120 technical manual pdf"

are most likely to find it.

Feeding that phrase to the Duck,


I did not find that link to dokumen.tips, but I did find a link to another document hoster, scribd.com, who seems to have a copy of it, here:


But I am not a friend of scribd.com, and because I am not their friend, they won't let me download pdfs for free.

In contrast, I am liking dokumen.tips, because all I had to do for them was complete a Captcha puzzle.

So, yeah... In any case, thank you for finding that link.