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Need help finding project? Answered

Hi Guys,

I have been searching all over the place (YouTube, Instructables etc.) but I couldn't find my desired project. What I want is a light that is like really bright or long range and CAN BE POWERED BY UPTO 4 AA CELLS. The power is the main problem, I only want to power it with AA cells. So, if anyone could find a project that meets my need I will be really happy.

Thanks in advance.
-Prickly Potato


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Best Answer 5 years ago

Your limitation is the amount of time your going to be able to run your light on the 4 x AA battery. Assuming really good http://data.energizer.com/PDFs/E91.pdf

suggests you going to get 2 hours use from then if you draw 1/2 an amp.

0.5 amps at 6 volts is 3 watts. So there you are .

You need a 3 watt LED, a suitable constant current supply (use the search function to find one) and whatever you need as an case. .

Of course you could research more powerful batteries, or even expand your specification to different power sources.


I am thinking however you so far haven't tried very hard.


Answer 5 years ago

Being able to to ask our good friend Google is always a bonus ;)


5 years ago

If you want to build a flashlight that works on 4 AA batteries and lasts a long time, You probably won't find one...

I find that 18650's are a lot better