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Need help for a project with arduino? Answered

So I've to make a multi-functional garbage container, which would be solar powered, and it must have an arduino . The idea is that the container will have a servo controlled cap, which will be controlled by the arduino . The trigger for that cap should be a motion sensor, and it also must have a light sensor in order to turn on a pair of LED's when it's dark outside . I'm a noob with the arduino, so i need your help for what parts i will need and how to write the code. All those things are gonna be made for a school project and out budget is about 300$
I already have an arduino uno - so no need to buy another i think?
Thanks in advance!


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Best Answer 5 years ago

This should definitely be achievable but Kiteman is right, it's probably a little in-depth for discussing at length here.

Since this is a school project I feel like you should probably be trying to do as much of it as possible without outside help. Start by looking into similar projects, or projects that simply use the components you need, and see what they used. There are also a number of guides that cover the basics of using servos, motion sensors, and light sensors with arduino.

Feel free to PM me once you get started if you get stuck. Particularly if it's involving the circuit or code, troubleshooting mechanical systems remotely is tough.


5 years ago

You'll need a fair bit of help here - I suggest you start a forum topic in Technology for discussion.