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Need help hooking up a speaker Answered

I made a mistake when ordering some speakers for a project and ended up with specialty marine speakers. They only came with the speakers themselves and some red/black wires that plug into the back. They're still good so I'd like to get them set up but I have no idea how and no experience with wiring electronics. Can somebody help me figure out how to convert these into regular speakers with a wall plug and audio jack?

As for the specs: 200w peak power and 4 ohm impedance. Any help appreciated.


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9 years ago

Marine speakers shouldn't be different than regular speakers, so follow the same guidelines:

-- 2 speakers in parallel: the impedance is halved (2 ohms)
-- 2 speakers in series: impedance is doubled (8 ohms)
-- use a resistance calculator for more complex combinations...
-- maintain the correct polarity for multiple speakers, or phase issues will result.

"regular speakers with a wall plug"?

That's a speaker with a built-in amplifier. Sounds like your speakers don't have one.


Reply 9 years ago


Those speakers would need an external amp. That's how you plug it into a "wall plug".