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Need help, how can I design solar water pump system? Answered

Dear Friends,

I was seeking your help if anyone can help me with my project because I am designing a solar pump water system given the following scenarios:

1. The minimum requirement is about 115,000 liters per day. I will have a storage tank that can contain 120000 liters.
2. The option to dig a 150 ft hole, or from a pond with a 50 ft far.
3. Considering that our location shines about 6 hours/day (bright sun).

Question is this:
1. If I would use DC pumps, with a flow rate of 5GPM what is the best size of solar panel?
2. If I would use AC pumps that requires 3 Hp with about 45 Gallons per minute what is the best size of solar panel?
3. Also what is the best type of connection Series or Parallel. I would use 100watt peak solar panel.

Guys help please thanks


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9 years ago

Does it have to be powered by a solar panel?

People have been pumping water with windmills and turbines for many, many years.


9 years ago

Forget flowrates, just thing power requirements:

Moving water from a pond, with almost zero head is a LOT easier than pumping it up 150 feet, into the same pressure restriction

3HP= 2.2kW !!!

A 5 GPM pump won't meet your volume spec.

The 45 GPM won't work EITHER, if you remember it can only do it in daylight. You need 90 GPM - at what head, you will have to decide.


Answer 9 years ago

Canada has a website to calculate your available kwh-generated-per-kw-of-panels-installed ratio: For me its 1300 kwh annually in Calgary, AB. The further south you go the better the numbers look (in the 2000kwh annually)...

From there you can divide out how much juice you'll need, and have to install for, and if all goes according to plan, should work.

I agree that doing the potential energy calculation of how high the water needs to go is a great place to start.