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Need help on my GCSE Product Design :) (Laptop Cooling) Answered

So I decided to make my GCSE Product Design topic to be Laptop Cooling. Basically I have to be able to cool a laptop sufficiently, and also maybe help functionality of it. The things I am considering at the moment is : - Angled for ergonomics - Adding a USB hub for extra USB ports - Blowing air onto the bottom of the laptop, not sucking air out. - Cable management function Now here is where I need your help. It is a simple survey. If you guys could answer the following questions it would be really great 1. What is the size of your laptop? (Can be monitor size, and dimensions would be helpful, although monitor size would be sufficient) 2. What is the weight of your laptop? (In Kg) 3. Do you find that you have heat problems? 4. Do you find that you always end up not having enough USB ports? If any other problems please state. 5. Would you prefer your laptop to be angled slightly or flat? 6. What would you like a cooler/stand to be made out of. Acrylic? Metal (such as aluminum)? Wood? 7. Would you prefer the whole product to be powered through USB, or through a mains power supply? I would greatly appreciate you guys cooperation Thanks in advance


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11 years ago

This isn't the place for surveys. The best you might do is to ask a "show us your laptop" type question as a Forum topic which doesn't read like you're asking for survey data. You'd have to add a picture of yours and full spec.
Or that you're making a laptop stand/cooler and after suggestions - not links to "how to" 'cos you know how, it's "what" that you're undecided on.