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Need help re-proposing 18650 cells into a E-bike battery Answered

So I was lucky enough to snag 35+ Temperature recorders from work today, Each with a 18650  cell (or two) inside. I've already made sure there wasn't a Deposit or return credit on them first so no problem there :) And I already know how to test each cell to see if they hold a charge.

Does anyone have some suggestions about how to wire them all together?
I was looking at This Movie Earlier and seems they used 30X 18650 cells to build a 37V battery pack

My biggest concern is balancing the cells. since 3 are wired in parallel (then 10 groups in series) it seems to me that each cell may receive a slightly different charge. I'm trying to find a 9-cell balancing charger but no luck quite yet. Even if I do, does anyone think that will cause an imbalance in each of the three cells wired in parallel?

Also each cell has some sort of an over discharge regulator on it as well. I'm wondering if they would be a factor in charging/Discharging the cells. (First time I've used this many 18650's in one project in a parallel/series circuit )

Any thoughts would be appreciated; I'll be sure to give a Best Answer ;)

Hope to hear back soon!


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Best Answer 4 years ago

Tesla uses a great many parallel batteries each with its own fuse and an ingenious mechanical extraction system when needed.


Answer 4 years ago

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