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Need help sourcing yellow or rgb ultrabright leds Answered

Hi, I am getting tired of ordering "we promize this is ultra bright yellow leds", and then either receive very low luminosity leds, or "590nm" leds which looks orange, not yellow, to me. Useless to say that each time I have to order 50 leds just to see them, or to pay $1 leds with $5 for shipping. So, if anybody know where to find 5mm ultra bright yellow leds, I would really appreciate this information. Maybe using and RGB led is the good solution : since it will use red + green, it will certainly be brighter than the 590nm leds I've found. And if they are common anode, I can use only RGB leds an play with the spare TCL5940 I bought for the mood light :) If someone can take picture of good yellow leds, or RGB leds, with also some ultra bright blue and yellow leds on the picture so I can compare them, it would be nice. If anybody is willing to trade 2 or 4 a few of this yellow or RGB leds for some other colors (or for some plastic optic fiber ?), it would be VERY nice. Of course, the led have to be still aviable at a decent price so I can order a pack of 50 or 100 after I have tested them or seen them in .jpg . Thanks you, tReg.


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12 years ago

Just to illustrate my problem : those two pictures are from "590nm" leds. The real color is shown more precisely by the second one. The first one is closer to what I am looking for !

wanted one
real one