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Need help to hook up a TELEPHONE to computer SPEAKERS ,( or any other kind of speakers) Answered

I am working on an intercom system for the house, we have an extra unused phone line that i've closed the circuit on and energized so that the phones worked when they are plugged into the secondary jack. My plan is to go and get some junk phones at some sort of thrift store or something, and plug them in to work as the intercoms. Unfortunately with the set up that i've got, the speakerphone option doesn't work. So instead of using the speaker phone, I want to hook up the intercom telephones jacked into the secondary line to a seperate speaker to make a finalized intercome assembly. I've got clear sound on all of the phones and I have solved the interminable spontaneous ringing question, and now the only thing that i need to be able to do is to hook up the telephones to a speaker, any kind of speaker, but preferably one of the satellite computer speakers. I would like to know if this is even possible, and if it is it would be great if any answerer includes some suggested materials (if needed) and the procedure suggested for connecting the phone line to the speakers I would try this myself, but I have just spent over eight hours simply going through a trial and error to get the phone line energized in the first place. (by the way instrucables.com was instrumental in that) I simply think that this way, any answer would be more expedient than my own slow methods of clueless experimentation Thanks in advance



Best Answer 9 years ago

SUPER SUPER simple fix. Just splice the wires from the handset speakers, solder them to an audio jack, and plug in the speakers, and there you go! Hope I helped!


6 years ago

does the first answer actually work


8 years ago

look at this instructable or schematic bellow: