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Need help updating instructable's tags / category? Answered

Can I update an instructables tags and the category its under once its been published, or will changing them republish a duplicate instructable under another category?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Changing the tags will change how it appears in searches (and also what projects are listed down the side as "related").

Changing the category and/or channel will just change where the project is filed on the site. The project will not be duplicated.

To change the channel, hit "edit", then hit publish straight away, and you will be taken to the page for selecting categories and channels, and also for entering it in any contests for which it is valid.


7 years ago

changing the category should change what category the ible shows up in -- the 'categories' are just queries that ask the master list of ibles what cat they're in, so as soon as everything updates (may take some time) the new listing should show. Tags/keywords are just useful for searches.