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Need help wiring up this digital thermometer Answered

I bought a thermometer and probe from McMaster-Carr, but didn't expect that it'd come without a power plug nor a clear way to wire it to the probe. Instead, there are a few connections at the back and I need a hand to make sure I don't break anything. Can anyone here help me identify the right way to wire this for 110v wall power? Do I put one end of the power cord into the 0 VAC socket, and the other into the 115 VAC? Also, the probe terminates in eyelets, where this wants a raw wire for the connection. I can snip them--is that right? And why are the probe wires red and yellow (the unit has inputs for TC+ and TC-). I've attached a photo of the rear of the unit. Thanks for your help everyone. EDIT: I did some research and figured out that my hunch was correct. One connection to 0VAC, the other to 115VAC, and the probe leads into the other side. Works great, too.


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11 years ago

. Hook up AC power on the left side. Neutral to 0VAC.
. The xxx ONLY stuff is contacts for an alarm.
. REC +/- goes to a recorder. Could be 0-10 VDC ( or 0-5, 1-5, 1-10, ...), or 4-20mA DC, or something else.
. Red/Yellow indicates it's a Type K thermocouple. Red = neg, yellow = pos.