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Need help with Led project (time sensitive) Answered

Need help with Led project (time sensitive)
Hello I am currently working on a project that has less than 3 weeks till the suspense date. One aspect of the project I will be adding some LEDS. I want these LEDs to flash. So I got the following stuff for this project:
LED Flashing kit MK102 by Velleman from Fry’s Electronics
100 rectangular flat clear 2mmx5mmx7mm LEDs (DC 3V 20mA)
400 DiCUNO 3mm LED assorted colors
Forward Voltage: R/Y 1.8-2.2V B/G/W 2.8-3.2V
Max Current: 20mA

The issue:
Ok so I want to take the LED flasher kit and instead of using the two supplied red LEDs I want to run two series of LEDs. One series will have two flat clear LEDs and one clear 3mm LED. The second series would have one flat LED and one 3mm clear LED. I have other colors but I figure if I stick with the clear LEDs, it makes everything simple and I will simply paint the LEDs the color I want. I would like to use all the other circuitry that comes with the kit and simply add each series where you would normally add the two red supplied LEDs. This kit runs on a 9 volt battery. So, I am assuming that I can simply replace the supplied resistors that come with the kit with ones that account for the LEDs I want to use? I am attaching the diagram from the kit for clarity, I hope this is making sense.
Any help you can offer would be appreciated.



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