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Need help with Original GameBoy DMG Answered

I have an Original GameBoy DMG, that when I turn on with game cartridge loaded , it goes through its trademark symbol then starts flashing with what looks like zeros up and down and across the entire screen, I checked to make sure it was not the game by trying it in another GameBoy I have and it worked fine, any ideas on how to fix, please and thank you.



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1 year ago

A common problem is cooroded contacts.
I refurbished a few gameboys and it is fairly straight forward.
The cartridge contacts inside need cleaning up.
Take it apart and use a fine brush with methylated spirit to clean them.
If that does not give you clean shiny contacts try again with something like Pitambara (from the indian grocery store) and a brush.
Do not use sandpaper or a wire brush as this will damage the fine gold layer on the contacts.


Reply 1 year ago

Thank you for your response, I will try that.


Reply 1 year ago

While you have it apart it makes sense to check if the cartridge contacts are still straight and in even positions.
Depending on the abuse back in the day these contacts sometimes get jammed.
If you have one or two of these the best way I found to straighten them is to use needle point tweezer.

If you get it working but then realise you have non working lines in the display:
Take the display out and clean the rubber strip connecting it with the circuit board with warm soapy water.
Rinse and let fully dry in the open air, do not try to wipe the rubber strip dry as you might leave lint or dust on it.

If you need to get the housing back to original color instead of the yellow tint some collect:
Get some hydrogen peroxide, even the small bottles with 3% from the supermarket or chemist will do.
Place the housing (just plain plastic parts) into a small zip lock bag and add the peroxide.
If you don't have enough peroxide to submerge the parts then just mix the peroxide around every 15 minutes or so.
After a while you will see the yellow fainting away until you are back to a nice original color.