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Need help with PWM to Analogue conversion Answered

I have a Futaba RC transmitter and receiver, and an electric wheelchair. I want to be able to control the wheelchair via RC (a-la battlebots), and I do not want to control the joystick via servo. I also want to leave the wheelchair's joystick controls intact and either solder another RC device in tandem with the joystick, or hijack the control by having an external switch that switches from either manual joystick, or RC Freq.

I have some experience in electronics, but only in the troubleshooting arena. I can fix things if they are broken and can troubleshoot to the board level, but have no experience building bots and have no RC experience.

The solution needs to be low cost please. I can solder build boards from directions. I just have no "vision" of how to put these 2 systems together. I think the words "pwm to analog" have been thrown around online, but I need to know more. Please point me to websites, or send me instructions and Ideas.

The wheelchair will not be a wheelchair forever. R2-D2, Wall-E, and an RC Lawnmower are all in contention.

Thanks in advance.?


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10 years ago

I'm building a robot as well, with pretty much the same idea (using wheelchair motors). I've solved this by buying a motor controller and RC-interface from a company called Diverse Electronic Services (http://www.divelec.com/). They were the ideal solution for me. Not sure if this helps, seeing that you repair most of the stuff you find, but it's pretty cheap. Good luck for your project, and e-mail me if you need more help!


11 years ago

 I have a Jazzy 1101 and I also need a way to control it.  I have found that that it is not a simple task.  For mine there is the Joystick module and a separate driver module that is in the base of the wheelchair.  The Joystick module sends serial data to the driver module but the driver module also sends data to the joystick module. I have not had success when trying to duplicate the serial streams.

Yours may have the driver inside the joystick module.

You're best bet is to replace the controller with something like a Sabertooth or VanTec controller - but that isn't exactly "low cost".

You may be able to use a digital pot to replace the joystick but then you will need something to control the digital pot. A Basic Stamp would work well for that. The Basic Stamp, connected to the RC receiver would control the digital pot which is wired in place of the existing joystick.