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Need help with RC plane transmitter ---> Flysky FS-TH9X + R8B receiver? Answered

I bought FS-TH9X thinking that I can use it to control a land robot.

I only need it to move a few 180 degree hitec servos

My problem here is that I've never worked with RC plane transmitter or receiver --- I don't have a clue on how to operate or program it.

If you have FS-TH9x or are a RC plane enthusiast/expert, please help me

I urgently need to know how to control 180 degree hitec servos 

I know i'm stupid for not researching the product before buying it but youtube only has videos on modifications or unboxing, forums only have specific questions, and the manual just confused me. 

Any help is appreciated, Thanks 



5 years ago

Most servos will turn 120 deg more or less - IF a servo is designed to turn 180 deg when attached to a normal RC rx then all you need to do is connect it up. Full throw will move your servo 180 deg.

Of course you could get this amount of movement from a cheaper normal servo with a little mechanical work - levers for example.

You can get a manual for the Tx Rx from the flysky web site - look around they are there.

What exactly do you want to control.

http://www.flitetest.com has lot of RC information on it.