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Need help with Wii DVD dumper: Dumping to usb help? Answered

Alright, here's the deal: 1. I recently downgraded to wii version 3.2 thanks to my cousin. 2. I have cIOS249 installed to my wii 3. I have a sandisk 16 gigabyte usb drive that I'm trying to rip my wii games as well as my gamecube games to. However, anytime that I try to rip the game, it stops around 20% (most common stopping point, it's very inconsistent) saying: ERROR: COULD NOT RIP TO DEVICE! And underneath it says Press any button to restart. Can anybody help me? I really want to rip my games without using the network.


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Best Answer 11 years ago

This could be a problem. At first the Wii struggles with reading flash sticks of that size. And the only reasonable file system for this disk would be NTFS. Which the Wii cannot read. It should be FAT16 or FAT32.
Anyways FAT16 and FAT32 can't hold files bigger than 4GB so you have to adjust the split size to under 4GB (maybe around 3800MB if this even works with your disk)

My advice to you would be to get a smaller USB stick (1-2GB), format it to FAT32 and adjust the split size to 1024MB.

Or you could use a 1 or 2GB SD card..

For what it's worth I hope this helps you.