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Need help with a circuitry/Electoronics DIY Answered

Hey Instructables community, I am currently attempting a project of mine and have come across a dilemma. I have 2 3v motors X and Z, 2 1.5v AAA batteries hooked up into a battery pack, and 2 momentary switches A and B (normally open). I need to power the motors X and Z at the same time going in the same direction (clockwise we will say), whilst holding down momentary switch A. And then when I release momentary switch A, and press and hold momentary switch B, the motors will travel in the opposite direction, (counter clockwise for ex). I know to reverse the direction of a motor you have to flip the polarity and such, and could use a simple rocker on-off-on switch to do it, but I need it to able to be do this with momentary switches, if this involves creating a circuit board or something complected like that, that isn't a problem. If you are willing to help me out (which would be nice!) a diagram of how all the electronics and wires should be laid out would be sufficient, and preferably being game to answer maybe 1 or 2 questions while i'm building my project would be cool too, if you have good know how and easy to work with, I could paypal you like 5 bucks or something when the project is all done if it all turns out good when its done.


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8 years ago

could you elaborate on how to set it up?