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Need help with a project Answered

Hi, I am making a project with arduino that has to run two nema 17 stepper motors that will turn separate pinion gears for a rack and pinion and a single servo to move and arm up and down. I want to be able to control everything with a wired control pad. If anyone knows an instructable that would help with this could you let me know please. I have not had any luck finding anything. Thank you.


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1 year ago

There might be things out there going in a similar direction.
Although not exactly like you might think.
For example in several robotic projects you will find bits and pieces to use, like a joystick control to move something.
Similar in 3D printing and milling code.
As a start I could imagine to use a simple milling machine code and to make it work with simple push button controls for all directions and movements.
From there a routine could be added to include the position data, directions and actions from the buttons.
Replacing the buttons with a cable and pad is than quite easy.