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Need help with a wiring diagram for a on/off/on switch parallel/serial battery Answered

Ok I'm not really electronic savvy but I can solder and follow a diagram.

This is what I want to do:

I have a toy four wheeler for my kids. Has one battery and a push button that makes it go. When you release the button it stops. 

I want to add another battery and push button so when you push the original button the batteries run in parallel. The speed will run the same as with the one battery but twice the run time. (please correct me here if I'm wrong)

When you push the the new added button at the same time as the original button it will switch to running the batteries in series so it will be faster running on twice the volts.

So i'm figuring I need some sort of on/off/on 6 pin switch and a push button switch but not sure how to wire it exactly. Found this which gets me close but I want to add in the push button switch to make it work instead of the toggle switch. 


The original button is on the handle and you push it with your thumb. I will add the new switch on the other handle. Something like this


Any thoughts on this would be awesome!


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3 years ago

I completely agree with Jonathanrjpereira. If you are going for series connection Increasing the voltage could increase the speed unless its within the the supply limit of the motor. If you are curious to see the actual specs and if you are in a position to see the motor specification (usually inscribed on the motor body) you could get a better idea of the actual voltage rating of the motor. if it seem fine then we could talk about the switching circuit. Parallel connection could increase the run time but it creates another problem. If two batteries should be connected in parallel then they should be always of equal voltage otherwise the higher voltage battery would uncontrollably charge the lower voltage one, which is not at all good for both the ones since its causes damage to its life cycles. So while doing parallel you should go for balancing of batteries using the appropriate BMS circuit board (battery monitoring system) for the batteries. good luck with the project




3 years ago

I wouldn't recommend connect the two batteries in series. The series voltage may exceed the maximum supply voltage of the motor thereby damaging the motor.

Connecting the batteries in parallel will increase the run time.