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Need help with an ati firegl graphics card Answered

Hello all I am in need of the collective experience of the instructables community you see I have a ati firegl graphics card but no 6 pin power cable so therefore I am unable to use it in my pc if anyone knows how to bypass or rig a power cable I would greatly appreciate it

Thank you 


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8 years ago

There are adapter cables that will take 2 molex connectors and give you the PCI-e power connector the card requires. Back in the early days of PCI-e video cards the cards often came with this adapter. They don't do it anymore and for good reason. If the system isn't too old (i.e. less then 5 years old) then it will come with the 6 pin PCI-e power connector. If it doesn't have that connector then the PSU won't be able to support the power needs of the card. So you would be better off buying a NEW PSU for the system.

If you decide to go with one of the adapter cables you can expect many problems if the PSU doesn't have enough power. At worst the PSU could blow up. At best the system will have all sorts of errors due to hardware not getting the power it needs. You can expect allot of BSOD and random shutdowns of the PC. In the end the system can sustain heavy damage. Wouldn't want to burn out your motherboard.

But if you want to try it anyway you can find the adapter all over the place.