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Need help with b88an eprom Answered

Evening all,

I have a martin 218 disco light that i would like to flash a new firmware to.

I've taken a look at the chip and this is the model number ST - B88AN 9605E

Image -

Can't seam to find any infomation on the chip :(

i wondered if any one could point me in the right direction on what eprom programmer to use?

Rom link - http://www.martin.com/service/showpage.asp?id=455&tit=RoboScan+Pro+218+Mk+II&thisprod=roboscanpro218mkii

many thanks


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7 years ago

First thing you need to do is clean out all that dust and crap and then post a new picture.

Chances are it's not a standard chip that you'll be able to flash with a new set of instructions. It may have been made specifically for that setup with a specific set of instructions to it.

Do you have a ROM programmer to plug the chip into and start working with it? Without some detailed info about the chip you'll have a hard time setting up the programmer.

Do you have a copy of the original instruction set applied to the ROM that you can modify? It will be hard to pull off the existing code and try to reverse engineer out of machine code and back into whatever language it was written in to start with.