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Need help with remote control Answered

Hello guys/girls

I got a Playstation controller (CECH-ZRC1E) its for PS3, AMP and TV but i want to sync my TV, but the problem is...

I got a unknown TV (Terris LCD 2213, Medion, BEKE, TEVION) so i can't find the code for it


The PS3 remote is IF (infrared) and the original is RF (Radio Frequency)

So my question is, is it possible to sync it on one way?
The chance of finding the codes isnt a problem but if i can use a IF remote on RF remove

(That's what i'm thinking that its Infrared and Radio Frequency, when i block the top side of the original it wont work, and the PS3 will respond (tried it on the PS3 and it still react)



5 years ago

No you can't use a remote that works with light pulses on a system that is looking for radio signals. IF = infrared LED = pulsing light, RF = Radio Frequency = codes transmitted over radio waves.


5 years ago

No, IR (not IF) is absolutely not compatable with RF. One uses LEDs that emit what is basically deep red light (hence Infra-Red), the other sends a high frequency electrical signal through a wire to emit radio waves. While both technically use electromagnetic waves, they are so different in frequency that they cannot be interchanged. The PS3 uses bluetooth anyway, so it isn't an issue (assuming you mean a standard wireless ps3 controller, not some different IR remote). However, most RF devices communicate an order of magnitude below the 2.4Ghz that bluetooth operates at, so they're incompatable. Sorry.