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Need sewing project idea Answered

I bought a bunch of fabric to make an apron then realized it was way too light of material...it is light cotton patterned fabric.  What are some other projects I could make with it?  FYI I'm a beginner sewer.




8 years ago

I would suggest a garter belt but that I think is a little bit advanced. If it is made from cotton. My first sewing project was a backpack, but mine was made from denim. I don't really know that many easy projects, maybe some pajama pants, there is a great instructable on how to make one of those already.


10 years ago

well you could still make an apron, if you're so concerned about the light weight, make a liner for it. Just get some cotton quilting fabric or something then everything you cut out for the pattern make sure to cut it from the liner too.

Something different, make pillow cases for you couch  pillows or if you have enough, bed pillows. Cafe curtains. Skirt. Hobo bag, Hair ties. Belts

Or if you still have the receipt, return it and get something more appropriate...