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Need some help creating menus for automated aquarium monitor. Answered

So I'm struggling to create clickable headers which move you to the second, third, and so on, level within this menu. I've successfully made it so I can scroll through three separate pages and select 5 separate headers on each page (as you can see here) but I can't seem to figure out how to go about adding more levels to my menu. I'd really appreciate it if someone had a look and gave me some guidance. As for my skills level, I'd say I've had a few years experience but still am not 100% fluent in all aspects of Arduino so some dumbing down may be necessary. Any help or guidance is appreciated thank you!!

I've attached the code. "Aquarium_Controller_V1" is the main bit of code.

**EDIT** -

I've been playing around with the code some more and I think I have it figured out! But now my issue is that when I'm on a page that isn't the first level, I don't want the X-axis of the joystick to ++ or -- the PageVal. Any advice as to how I should go about that? Heres my new updated code.


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