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Need some help with soldering and iPod mod Answered

Hey guys,

Relatively new here and would appreciate any advice.
I decided to revive an old and dead iPod (30gb 5g video) when I came across a very old article by fstedie.
Basically swapped the hard drive for an SD one and now have increased storage (30gb to 256gb).

So now, I'm trying to add an internal Bluetooth feature to the device and would like some help on the best type of Bluetooth transmitter to purchase.
Secondly, I'm curious to know how I would be able to pair the iPod to other devices without having to open it up each time. The instructable by fstedie doesn't explain how this would work.
Thirdly, where do I solder the Bluetooth module on to on the motherboard? A diagram or detailed description would be great as I'm quite good at soldering with instructions even though I know nothing about electronics

Thanks in advance :)


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