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Need some suggestions with a School iPhone app Answered

Now that I'm back at school, I've been assigned with the task of creating an official school iPhone app. I was told that it needed to be easy to use, and contain information that students would need, or like to see.

Currently the school has an intranet, where you can access the Daily Notices (teachers can post stuff etc), email, 'Our Files' (web FTP interface for documents), school calendar. It used to have your class timetables and attendance records, but it no longer works because we switched to a new system and it'll take some time to connect the new database to the website.

What I want to do is create an app which goes further than the intranet, and has features that students want.
Because it's a long weekend, I can't do any sort of survey at school to find out what people want, so I'll ask you!

If you were at a high school, what information would you want quickly? This is what I want to implement so far:
  • Notices
  • Canteen prices
  • Exam timetables
  • School Rules
  • Calendar
  • Notification system (i.e a popup saying something like 'Don't forget about Athletics Day tomorrow!')
  • Photo Gallery
Does anyone else have any ideas? I've included a screenshot of what the current intranet looks like, and what I want the app to look like.



9 years ago

Your own timetable.

Homework reminder.

Possibly the ability to see your friends' timetables, especially if your school has independent study periods.


Reply 9 years ago

I would love to have a timetable function, but the school database doesn't support it...yet.

I like the idea of the homework reminder. I was going to try and have the same sort of thing but for exams (reminders, where, when, topic etc.)

Should of thought about looking at xkcd, I think our school site is fairly easy to navigate: http://bayfield-high.school.nz/


Reply 9 years ago

Maybe the users could input their own timetable at the start of the academic year?