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Need to find a product in a can that has these specific characteristics:? Answered

I am currently building the Good Samaritan Gun from Hellboy. SO far, finding the materials has been much harder than actually making the gun, since many of the products used are not available here.

I'm looking for an aluminum can that is:

  • 5 (inches) in diameter
  • 3 in height.
  • Has an aluminum lid as well
  • Smooth surface, no bumps.

It doesn't necesarily have to be aluminum, but the material must be strong enough to hold its shape, yet can still be opened with a knife or something.

Plz helpz.....


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11 years ago

Ummm....... may I suggest an old planters nut can...its paper with foil, may be the correct measurements you are looking for and has a lid. You are Welcome!