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Need to find the standy by or PS on line in an ATX variant power supply Answered

Need to find the standby line on a power supply for a motorola dcx3400 cable box to run an original Xbox

I had purchased the box from a resale shop to use for parts. It occurred to me that I could use the PSU to power my blown xbox. Both are manufactured by Delta. So I used my multimeter (first time using one) to get a pin out of the psu at the connector. 16 pins from top to bottom as shown.

I know i rounded off these values and I can go back and use the slight variations in readings to find "rails."(?)My issue is as far as I can tell, all of the pins are powered when the psu is plugged in, and I cannot tell which is the standby if there is one. What test can I do to find it? And if there is no standby or ps on, can I safely use this to power an xbox?

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Best Answer 5 years ago

The last question you posted I think someone mentioned using an ATX supply but that you replied that it was to large and bulky.

Assuming that this is the ONLY power supply that you can use that will fit, I would just wire up the 12V rail to the 12V rail on the XBOX and the 5V rail to the 5V rail on it as well. When the XBOX goes into standby, the only rail on the OEM one is the 5V rail if I remember correctly. I don't think it would be necessary, but if you think that the 12V rail needs to go off, you could simply add a relay in series with the +12V rail and have a small circuit that turns the relay on and off when the XBOX goes to standby. The purpose of the standby mode is so that the zombie current the power supply draws is minimized. (no need to have a almost 200W power supply guzzling current from the wall when not in use!)