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Need to recover access database with superior solution to fix access database errors? Answered

I have a task regarding access database. I and my organization is using access database to maintain my access files in well mannered way. But due to varied reasons access file showing error message

Error 3112: Your access database got corrupted will not be able to show the database.

Due to this error message I will not be able to access my access database. I don't have any idea how to recover access database or how to fix access database errors without affecting my original database????? Is there any relevant solution to repair access database?????




Best Answer 4 years ago

Do you happen to have a backup of your database? If so, the following the instruction:
Restore an entire database
When you restore an entire database, you replace a database file that is damaged, has data problems, or is missing altogether, with a backup of the entire database.

If the database file is missing, copy the backup to the location where the database should be.
IMPORTANT If other databases or programs have links to objects in the database that you are restoring, it is critical that you restore the database to the correct location. If you do not, links to the database objects will not work and will have to be re-created, such as by using the Linked Table Manager.

If the database file is damaged or has data problems, delete the damaged file and then replace the damaged file with the backup.

Or try:
eRepair Access is a powerful Access database recovery solution for damaged *.mdb and *.accdb files created in Access 2000 and above.

For more information: http://access.erepairtools.com/

And the similar question was discussed here: http://www.filerepairforum.com/forum/microsoft/microsoft-aa/access/933-ms-access-database-recovery


2 years ago

Repair Access Database is another
powerful third party software, which allows users to extract complete MS
Access database with its key internal data structure. The software
supports the recovery of MS Access database from both MDB and ACCDB
file. To get more detail about the software, go to:



3 years ago

When a MS Access database file gets corrupt, you can try one
of following methods to recover data from it:

  • Restore from Backup: It is the best, easy &
    quickest way to recover data from corrupt mdb or accdb data file.
  • Compact & Repair: MS Access comes with this
    useful feature accessible from Utilities/Tools menu.
  • Import Table into New Database: Create a new
    blank Access database and import all the tables and data from corrupt database
    to new database using import wizard.
  • MS Jet Compact Utility: It is similar to compact
    & repair but helpful in minor corruption issues.
  • Access Repair Software: If nothing works then
    download Stellar Phoenix Access Repair software (http://www.stellarinfo.com/access-database-repair.php) and let the software scan your
    corrupt file. You will be able to see the preview of corrupt file after

3 years ago

Access data file recovery tool helps torepair MDB file and successfully reconstruct
the damaged or corrupted MDB files to provide accessibility to the data stored
in access files and easily restore access database file with quarries, reports,
tables, forms etc. - See more at: https://softcart.wordpress.com/access-database-recovery-software/


3 years ago

It is common problem and lots of users faces such kind of problem. I am also one of them. There are two solutions to resolve this problem.

1. You can try Compact and Repair utility to repair corrupt access database file.

2. Try access recovery tool.

To know more details visit here: http://nalavadebela.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/access-database-repair/


4 years ago

Recently I used Kernel for Access file repair software to fix and repair corrupt access database file. It is is a versatile database recovery program that enables users to restore and repair corrupt or damaged access database file. You can use this great tool. I found this software here: http://www.accessrecoverytool.org


4 years ago


Access repair tool
will help you in repairing the several corrupt access database file and restore
all the files objects in new MDB file. It repairs Access file that are not
accessible due to corruption in Access databases, Tables, Queries, Forms, or
Reports.It supports MS Access 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & 2000.

See through: http://accessrepairnrecovery.com


4 years ago

In this blog http://how-to-repair-access-database.tumblr.com/ the author speaks about four programs to help you recover your data in MS Access, I recommend this post to you.


4 years ago

I agree with the opinion about the backup is the best option, but in some case we don't have a backup, so we need a really solution. In my experience I used AccessFIX of http://www.cimaware.com and is very good, maybe your price is expensive, but the results are fantastic.


4 years ago

Access file recovery program expediently restore inaccessible MS Access file. It restores user data from corrupt Access file To get more details visit here:-



4 years ago

Do a web search for MS Assess Db repair and you'll find several software tools that can help. If none of them work then your database may be corrupted beyond repair. In which case i hope you have a backup. If not, leasson learned, start making backups.