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Needing a Replacement Motor Answered

I have a turn table with a motor that has died.

It is supposed to be able to rotate 120kg, but its a teeny motor and doesn't work anymore.

A. How can I remove it as it has little rivet/screws that are permanent.

B. Where can I get a motor replacement that is tougher andhas more ooomph



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11 months ago

Don't toss the motor out!!
It is a DC motor and over the time the carbon brushes wear out and short.
You can get replacement brushes for just a few bucks.

Take the motor assembly off, clean and re-lube the gearbox after taking it apart.
Remove the screws going through the motor and pull it apart - do this outside as there will be carbon dust involved and it is a pain to clean this off in your house.
Measure the rectangular shape of the remains of your brushes.
The original lenght usually is about what the spring allows them to go inside the slides.
Go on your favourite online market or to a good shop and search for replacement brushes of same rectangular shape.
For the lenght select whatever you find that is significantly longer than the remain but a bit shorter than what would fit into the slides.
Clean the motor housing from carbon dust and if required lube the bearing a bit.
Put all back together and you have a working system for many months ocome ;)
If you want just a cheap replacement motor check if a roller door motor from the wrecker fits - they are usually quite universal.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

11 months ago

Will that table thing lift away, so that one might look at the underside of this gearmotor.

The part I am calling the "underside" is the side we cannot see, facing away from the camera, in the picture attached to this topic.

Also I am kind of expecting this gearmotor is held on by bolts or machine screws, and the tops of those bolts, or machine screws, are on the other side of that gearbox, with the four bumps on the corners.

Although I admit, you are in a better position than me, to discover how this thing is held together, since you have the artifact right in front of you.

Regarding replacement... well, I was kind of hoping this gearmotor had a nameplate.


Otherwise you might have to ask yourself some questions like: What kind of electrical power does this gearmotor want? How fast it supposed to turn? How much torque is needed to make the table turn? You know, questions like those.