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Negative Ion Generator Answered

Hello everyone

i have a Question.How can i apply a negative Ion Generator/Charger on me without hurting myself too much?? the Voltage would be too much i assume.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

I think I have seen this trick before. Somewhere on Youtube, if not in real life.

Actually, in the bad old days, there were some kinds of carpet, that would exhibit a kind of triboelectric effect with some kinds of shoes, and just by walking on that carpet, with those shoes, a person could build up large amounts of electric charge, which could be discharged by touching some place, "grounded", or in other words, a place with lower potential that would naturally accept that charge.

Curiously, Wikipedia has articles for both, "Triboelectric effect", and "Static electricity".



I kind of think those topics overlap. Although I think the thing you are asking about is an electronic module, that can do the same thing.

Also I think it was Youtube user, Nighthawkinlight, who made these videos


I vaguely recall watching, about strapping one of these high voltage DC, aka "ion generator", modules to his body, under his clothes, for the purpose of shocking people, and things, using the charge it would build up on his body.

It may be the case, you also have seen these videos, or possibly completely different ones, or you read about it someplace else. My point is, if it is somewhere you can link to, you can edit this topic, for to share those links with the rest of the class, or I mean, with the rest of the people who read this forum.

That way it would be easier to figure out what you're asking about.